What to use a tampon or menstrual cup for swimming?

Women’s often deal with periods while going for vacations outside. However, vacations are not much a big problem, the actual problem is swimming which is the most liked hobby. However, the use of regular pads while swimming may not allow you to swim comfortably due to heavy flow. On the other hand, a tampon and menstrual cup will allow you to swim fearlessly without thinking about a flow of blood. These are completely safer options to beat the water on your periods. But the question here is which one is better for swimming? Many discussions and opinions have been doing and given on this.So, you can choose according to your comfort and leakage absorption capacity.

Can you wear a tampon while swimming?

Tampons are thoughtfully designed to captivate period flow thus they can allow you to get a great swimming experience. In any kind of water, you can wear the right size and type of tampon. Usually, tampons are equipped with a LeakGuard Braid which will allow dealing with the heavy bleeding flow. It also helps you to feel comfortable and stay protected for up to 7 hours.

You should also consider wearing a dark coloured swimsuit or absorbent swimwear if you don’t want to use flow captivating products like menstrual cups, sponges or tampons. They can prevent blood stains while swimming. Hence, all tampons can be worn for swimming.

Can you wear a Menstrual Cup while swimming?

Menstrual Cups are designed to be installed in the vaginal area to absorb leakages similar to a tampon. You can use menstrual cups as an alternate for your pool day periods solutions. But before installation, make sure the menstrual size and material should be appropriate. A menstrual may be a good choice for personal space pools as they are suitable for light flow days. Usually, menstrual cups are made of premium quality silicone and are eco-friendly at the same time, therefore they are reusable. You need to bring in your bag or wear one for your swimming hours. Make sure, it should be clean well before every use.

It’s lightweight thus it can be carried easily while swimming. Furthermore, most menstrual cup manufacturers company make an ideal size of cups for easy installation. It is disappearing if installing in the accurate direction. According to various medical experts, a menstrual cup can be used for up to 12 hours. It allows you the freedom to insert in the vaginal area at home and remove it after the swimming activity. For long-lasting use, you just need it to wash properly with mild soap and water after every use.

Which one is the most convenient a Tampon or a Menstrual Cup?

The major issue with Menstrual Cup is that it is difficult to change it in a public area. For outside use or swimming, a tampon is an excellent choice whereas a menstrual cup is a better option for own-built swimming areas.

Final Words

The choice would be yours as both are well-suited for swimming activities. However, swimming with a menstrual cup and tampon is not a big deal.

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