Instant Geyser Vs. Storage Geyser: Comparison

Water geyser is an important thing to make ease in daily life. Geysers are provided you hot water, whenever you need it. With the help of a geyser, you can be done various household purposes. There is mainly three types of energy is used for the heating of the water solar, electric or gas.

Many types of water geysers are available in the market. It’s on you which one fulfil your needs. Hereunder are the difference between instant and storage geyser is mentioned.


Time is taken in heat transfer

Every heater will take time to heat the water by transferring heating energy to the water. Point is, which geyser will serve you hot water fast. As the name suggests, instant 3-ltr water geyser is mainly selling in the market due to time-saving. These geysers provide you with hot water instantly.

On the other hand, in the storage geysers you have to wait for 2 to 3 minutes to get hot water from your geyser. So, if you need hot water constantly and regularly then the instant geyser will be your choice.

Space consumed by the geyser

Some people do have not a lot of space to install a big geyser in their bathroom or kitchen. In this situation, you have to choose an instant geyser, because they provide you hot water directly without storing it anywhere in the geyser. Thus, instant geysers consume less space. Where storage geysers have a chamber in their structure to store 15 to 20 litres of water to heat, which consumes a lot of space.

Power efficiency

Instant water geysers are not as power-efficient as storage geysers. Instant heaters comparatively consume more power than storage geysers. This happens because in the instant geyser water regularly flows from the pipeline while heating and a large amount of heat are required to heat the cold water in a couple of seconds.

But this factor doesn’t affect your choice, because the difference in the power consumed is not too much.

Safe to use

Both geysers are safe to use, but instant geysers are safer due to some reason. First instant geysers come with the thermostat which turns off the power supply when the temperature goes beyond its upper limits. There is not any hazard, that can occur due to the blasting of the water chamber as in the storage geysers.

So, by comparing the safety parameters of both geysers, you can check that the instant water geyser is safer.


If you do have not too much budget for buying the geyser then the instant water geyser is best for you. It is much cheaper than the storage geysers. Instant geysers are pocket friendly along consume less energy while working.

Eco friendly

Both the instant and the storage geysers are totally eco friendly and do not affect the environment. They also do not produce any greenhouse gas, which can cause global warming. So, if you are a nature lover, then you do not have to worry about any damage to nature.

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