How to Segregate Waste At Home in India?

What is Waste segregation? What is the difference between wet waste and dry waste? How to segregate them? These are some of the most common questions many people have in regards to waste. Waste segregation or separation means separating the wet garbage from the dry garbage. That will help in managing waste processes like recycling and composting. There will be less waste in the landfills and so you will be able to prevent air pollution, water pollution and land pollution as well. So, if you take our responsibility towards the environment seriously, then we will be able to protect our earth.

But how should waste segregation be done at home? This is the main question and here is how you can do it.

You should first start with understanding which is dry waste and which is wet waste in the house. Only if you understand this difference you will be able to do the separation in the right way. Vegetables, fruits, leaves, and similar things come under wet or biodegradable waste. Waste like milk packets, tetra packs, glass, plastic, and any metal waste comes under the dry waste or non-biodegradable waste. Once you are aware of this difference, follow the below steps:

  • You will have to place two dustbins, wet and dry dustbins
  • Again in the dry waste bin or container, you will need two different bags. In one bag you will place plastic and paper and in the other bag, you can add all other dry waste from the house.
  • The glass items or the plastic items that you are adding to the dry waste should always be kept dry and clean. You need to clean them and let them dry completely before you place them in the dry waste bags.
  • The dustbin in which you are collecting the wet waste should be handed over to the municipality daily. The wet waste should not remain in the house for a long time. It can cause a bad smell, infections and that leads to health issues as well.
  • For sanitary pads, nails, hair, or tampons, you need to use a separate paper bag and throw it along with the wet waste every day. You will have to mark a cross on the paper bag with red color. That will help the waste pickers to understand what is in the paper bag.

The dry waste that is collected in a dry dustbin can be sold once in two to three months. That will help you make a few bucks and also it will be recycled. So, you are helping yourself, the planet, and the waste pickers as well. Electronic waste or eWaste should also be recycled at the proper place.

It is always good if we can avoid using plastic as much as possible. Instead, we can go for bags and products that are made using reusable material. It does not cause any harm to the environment, whole plastic can be very harmful. It is very simple and does not cost you anything to separate waste at home and help the municipality.

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