What Are the Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners?

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for specific cleaning tasks might be difficult for those who do not know the types of cleaners. However, the vacuum cleaner comes in different sizes, functionalities, prices, shapes, models and colours. Let’s talk about the different types of the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaners – Types

1. Canister Vacuum

The first type of vacuum cleaner named canister is best used to clean small and carpet and smaller sections like stairs, cars, countertops, etc. They are popular for offering suitable direction as they are equipped with a retractable cord and suction hose. For flexibility, versatility and mobility, they have a vessel; and for motor, these models have a distinct unit. These features make vacuum best suited for multi-floor and furniture use.

2. Deep Vacuum Cleaner

Deep Cleaners are often known as, carpet cleaners, carpet shampooers or carpet extractors. As the name implies, these cleaners are specially designed to clean every type of carpet. The cleaner requires warm water to do carpet treatment and water for spot elimination. To clean your carpet, firstly spray soapy water on it and then use vacuum technology. The cleaner works automatically and removes stains & spots through brushing and sucking up.The notable thing about cleaner, it isn’t ideal for regular use and is not meant for hard surfaces.

3. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing an upright vacuum cleaner is best suited for large and carpeted zones of the home. This type of cleaner has motor-driven blade brushes that eliminate dirt via suction technology. For versatile use, an upright cleaner model comes with onboard attachments. Some upright vacuum cleaner is equipped with bags while others are without a bag to catch debris and dust. They can be used to clean carpets, hardwood floors by using different height adjustments.

4. Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick Vacuum cleaner is the best combination of handheld and upright vacuum. They are battery operated and a little lighter.The upright construction of the cleaner seems to be a traditional vacuum whereas convenience is the same as a handheld vacuum. They are usually used to clean areas like the bathroom and kitchen floors.

5. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner allows you to clean different areas of the home with ease. It has a cordless and portable design, making it suitable for cleaning tiny spaces. This type of vacuum is lightweight and ideal to use.

6. Robotic Vacuum

Robotic Vacuum cleaners are meant for hi-tech technology. In simple words, they work automatically after setting clean the floor option. These vacuums are compact and cordless, as well as reduce your cleaning efforts. They are extremely powerful and sturdy than traditional vacuums.

7. Pet Vacuum

As the name implies, these cleaners are designed to minimize pet odours and collect pet hair. In this type, the most common type is upholstery cleaners.

Final Words:

Depending on your space and cleaning needs, investing in the right vacuum cleaner is great value for money, as well as maintaining a clean habitat for you and your family.

Are High Chairs Bad For Babies?

As a young parent, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things “people” tell you to provide for your child’s needs.

While there is no way around the fact that raising children is expensive, there are some expenses that you may be able to do without. Is a high chair an important thing to have?

Although a typical high chair might not have been the best option for you, your kid will require a place to eat regardless of your preference. A practical approach to accomplish this is through the use of the best high chairs.

How safe are high chairs for babies?

After all course, the most crucial consideration when it relates to your child’s safety is his or her well-being. Similarly, when feeding, don’t depend on a seat that was not built for feeding and risk compromising your child’s health and safety.

Although it may appear to be more convenient to utilize a swing, bouncy chair, or highchair at the table, the risks and safety hazards involved are not worth the convenience.

Every year, a large number of newborns are wounded while seated in such a high chair, the majority of them as a result of falls

In terms of safety, the following are the features you must look for in whatever baby high chair you choose:

  • Safe closures & latches
  • Adjustable safety straps
  • Adjustable seat heights
  • A crotch post
  • Wide, stable base
  • Exposed hinges or No rough edges

Do’s & don’ts while making use of a high chair

Here are some recommendations to use a high chair that you should keep in mind.


  • Whenever your infant is seated in the chair, keep it as near to you as possible at all times.
  • Make use of the waist and crotch straps to keep your infant safely secured in the chair. Use a three- or five-point harness to restrain your baby’s movements.
  • Before you put your infant in the high chair, make sure the wheels are securely locked.
  • Make a point to just sit on the chair during mealtimes. It is not recommended that your infant stays in it all of the time.
  • Before every use, inspect the chair for sharp edges and other items that could be detrimental to your child’s health. Check to see that the seat is not damaged.


  • It is never safe to leave your infant alone in a high chair. You rarely know what kind of prank your inquisitive little fellow might perpetrate.
  • Don’t force your infant to climb or stand just on a high chair out of fear that it will fall over.
  • Put the high chair away from the kitchen counter or table, or anywhere else you believe your baby might be able to reach it. Your infant may push the chair with his legs.
  • Use of the food tray to restrict the baby is not recommended. Always utilize straps to keep him in place.

The high chair for the baby will make mealtimes a more enjoyable experience for both you and your child. After deciding to purchase one, you’ll find yourself completely overwhelmed with options.

What to use a tampon or menstrual cup for swimming?

Women’s often deal with periods while going for vacations outside. However, vacations are not much a big problem, the actual problem is swimming which is the most liked hobby. However, the use of regular pads while swimming may not allow you to swim comfortably due to heavy flow. On the other hand, a tampon and menstrual cup will allow you to swim fearlessly without thinking about a flow of blood. These are completely safer options to beat the water on your periods. But the question here is which one is better for swimming? Many discussions and opinions have been doing and given on this.So, you can choose according to your comfort and leakage absorption capacity.

Can you wear a tampon while swimming?

Tampons are thoughtfully designed to captivate period flow thus they can allow you to get a great swimming experience. In any kind of water, you can wear the right size and type of tampon. Usually, tampons are equipped with a LeakGuard Braid which will allow dealing with the heavy bleeding flow. It also helps you to feel comfortable and stay protected for up to 7 hours.

You should also consider wearing a dark coloured swimsuit or absorbent swimwear if you don’t want to use flow captivating products like menstrual cups, sponges or tampons. They can prevent blood stains while swimming. Hence, all tampons can be worn for swimming.

Can you wear a Menstrual Cup while swimming?

Menstrual Cups are designed to be installed in the vaginal area to absorb leakages similar to a tampon. You can use menstrual cups as an alternate for your pool day periods solutions. But before installation, make sure the menstrual size and material should be appropriate. A menstrual may be a good choice for personal space pools as they are suitable for light flow days. Usually, menstrual cups are made of premium quality silicone and are eco-friendly at the same time, therefore they are reusable. You need to bring in your bag or wear one for your swimming hours. Make sure, it should be clean well before every use.

It’s lightweight thus it can be carried easily while swimming. Furthermore, most menstrual cup manufacturers company make an ideal size of cups for easy installation. It is disappearing if installing in the accurate direction. According to various medical experts, a menstrual cup can be used for up to 12 hours. It allows you the freedom to insert in the vaginal area at home and remove it after the swimming activity. For long-lasting use, you just need it to wash properly with mild soap and water after every use.

Which one is the most convenient a Tampon or a Menstrual Cup?

The major issue with Menstrual Cup is that it is difficult to change it in a public area. For outside use or swimming, a tampon is an excellent choice whereas a menstrual cup is a better option for own-built swimming areas.

Final Words

The choice would be yours as both are well-suited for swimming activities. However, swimming with a menstrual cup and tampon is not a big deal.

Iron Plant Stand Advantages and Disadvantages

If you like plants, you will love to grow them even within a small space. If you are residing in a small area, you have the chance to grow enough plants. For this, you need plant stands. It is one of the best ways to get the scope to grow beautiful plants on your balcony or room. The plant stands are made of various metals. You can select the perfect one from it. Take, for example, the iron plant stands are the most demanding ones. People have started preferring these plant stands for several reasons.

Advantages of using iron plant stands:

Here are some of the primary advantages of using an iron plant stand. Let us explore some of the main points.

  • The iron plant stands are found to be much durable and sturdy in comparison to the other ones. Due to high-quality materials, the stand will never crack or break in any way. It is one of the primary advantages of using an iron plant stand. If you buy it once you can use it for an extended period.
  • It will allow the plant to grow independently. You can also get multiple iron plant stands. They are also suitable for the growth of plants.
  • The iron plant stands can also enhance the look and beauty of your room to a great extent. If you have the intention to decorate your house with plants, you can use these iron plant stands. They are suitable and better in many ways.
  • The metal plant stands will also help in keeping the adjoining area clean and tidy. The mud will never sip from the stand. Even if you give water to the stand, it will keep the water intact within the stand. It is another usefulness of using an iron plant stand.

Disadvantages of using iron plant stands:

Now we will try to bring out some minor disadvantages of an iron plant stand. It is better to be well aware of the weakness of the product.

  • Sometimes the weight of the iron plant stand becomes so heavy that you cannot lift it easily from one place to another. This is why it is advised to check the weight of the plant stands before buying it.
  • These metallic stands can become quickly heated. So, it is better to keep it in a cool place or within the room. It will increase the lifetime of the stand and the plant at the same time.
  • Sometimes the metals with which the stand is made may affect the growth of the plants. It may hamper the proper development of the plants, thereby damaging them. So, you need to check the quality of the plant stand and enquire about its metal.
  • Check the pores of the stand before buying it. Never buy the one that does not have any pores. It may help in accumulating the water within the plant.

So, above mentioned are some of the remarkable advantages and disadvantages of an iron plant stand. Because of the increased number of advantages, it is widely used among the people.

How to Segregate Waste At Home in India?

What is Waste segregation? What is the difference between wet waste and dry waste? How to segregate them? These are some of the most common questions many people have in regards to waste. Waste segregation or separation means separating the wet garbage from the dry garbage. That will help in managing waste processes like recycling and composting. There will be less waste in the landfills and so you will be able to prevent air pollution, water pollution and land pollution as well. So, if you take our responsibility towards the environment seriously, then we will be able to protect our earth.

But how should waste segregation be done at home? This is the main question and here is how you can do it.

You should first start with understanding which is dry waste and which is wet waste in the house. Only if you understand this difference you will be able to do the separation in the right way. Vegetables, fruits, leaves, and similar things come under wet or biodegradable waste. Waste like milk packets, tetra packs, glass, plastic, and any metal waste comes under the dry waste or non-biodegradable waste. Once you are aware of this difference, follow the below steps:

  • You will have to place two dustbins, wet and dry dustbins
  • Again in the dry waste bin or container, you will need two different bags. In one bag you will place plastic and paper and in the other bag, you can add all other dry waste from the house.
  • The glass items or the plastic items that you are adding to the dry waste should always be kept dry and clean. You need to clean them and let them dry completely before you place them in the dry waste bags.
  • The dustbin in which you are collecting the wet waste should be handed over to the municipality daily. The wet waste should not remain in the house for a long time. It can cause a bad smell, infections and that leads to health issues as well.
  • For sanitary pads, nails, hair, or tampons, you need to use a separate paper bag and throw it along with the wet waste every day. You will have to mark a cross on the paper bag with red color. That will help the waste pickers to understand what is in the paper bag.

The dry waste that is collected in a dry dustbin can be sold once in two to three months. That will help you make a few bucks and also it will be recycled. So, you are helping yourself, the planet, and the waste pickers as well. Electronic waste or eWaste should also be recycled at the proper place.

It is always good if we can avoid using plastic as much as possible. Instead, we can go for bags and products that are made using reusable material. It does not cause any harm to the environment, whole plastic can be very harmful. It is very simple and does not cost you anything to separate waste at home and help the municipality.

How to Repair Your Stuck Telescopic Ladder?

A telescopic ladder is adjustable in length, remains small and portable, and can extend when necessary.  The material used for making Telescopic ladders is Aluminum. They are thick and strong at the same time, only one-third the weight of steel. It is significant to take some thoughtful safety measures when using your ladder. It will help you dodge risks, and you may have a smooth experience using your telescopic ladder.

Common Problems which can make your ladder Stuck

  1. Excess Accumulation of Dirt.
  2. Climatic changes and Moisture
  3. Malfunctioning of the Button Hinges.
  4. Obstruction in the Rails

Given below are the methods for repairing a Telescopic Ladder

Use of Silicon-based furnish Polish and Candle Wax.

Excess Accumulation of dirt can make your Ladder stuck. To repair it, you may use silicone-based furniture polish to spray the stiles of the ladder. The spray makes sure that all the hard-to-reach areas of the ladder are sprayed and dried before storing it. By applying the polish, it brings back the smoothness of the telescopic ladder. A stuck ladder can also be repaired by applying a mild liquid Car Wax to the sides of the rails. You may also apply paraffin Wax or candle wax for friction. It lubricates the areas which are stuck. Apply wax to the Lock parts too. Never try to lubricate the ladder with a WD40 lubricant. It may also make the ladder stiff in movement.

Cleaning the moisture with a dry Cloth

The climatic conditions can also make a ladder stuck. You need to collapse the ladder immediately after your use and keep it in a safe place. It is yet another task that you need to be extra careful to avoid injuries. If a ladder is dirty with moisture or rust, it can be stiff or stuck with slow movement. It prevents the ladder’s entire body from fully extending. In such cases, you may clean the ladder with a dry cloth.

Fix Button Hinges

Whenever your ladder is stuck, always make sure that the screws and bolts are in the right place. You need to check this every six months to ensure that they are not loose or missing. If you notice if any of these screws are missing, fix them as soon as possible to avoid accidents. Buttons Hinges hold a folding ladder together. Button Hinges plays a vital role in the opening and closing motion of a ladder. If they are rusted or damaged, you need to replace them. Place the ladder on the floor and remove the old button hinges. It helps you to remove the old locking system. You may use pliers for removing the buttons. Locate the old hinge lock mechanism found on the hinge plates and avoid moving the ladder. It helps to keep the openings wide and you may insert the new locking mechanism.

Check for any obstruction in the Rails.

Make sure that the rails are not bent or broken. Check both sides of the rails to see if there is any obstruction. A hollow space can also prevent the rails from moving upward. If you could see a dent after a thorough inspection, you may use a hammer to remove that hollow space. After removing the dent, you may apply a PB blaster or dry Lithium grease spray for free movement of the ladder.

Instant Geyser Vs. Storage Geyser: Comparison


Water geyser is an important thing to make ease in daily life. Geysers are provided you hot water, whenever you need it. With the help of a geyser, you can be done various household purposes. There is mainly three types of energy is used for the heating of the water solar, electric or gas.

Many types of water geysers are available in the market. It’s on you which one fulfil your needs. Hereunder are the difference between instant and storage geyser is mentioned.


Time is taken in heat transfer

Every heater will take time to heat the water by transferring heating energy to the water. Point is, which geyser will serve you hot water fast. As the name suggests, instant 3-ltr water geyser is mainly selling in the market due to time-saving. These geysers provide you with hot water instantly.

On the other hand, in the storage geysers you have to wait for 2 to 3 minutes to get hot water from your geyser. So, if you need hot water constantly and regularly then the instant geyser will be your choice.

Space consumed by the geyser

Some people do have not a lot of space to install a big geyser in their bathroom or kitchen. In this situation, you have to choose an instant geyser, because they provide you hot water directly without storing it anywhere in the geyser. Thus, instant geysers consume less space. Where storage geysers have a chamber in their structure to store 15 to 20 litres of water to heat, which consumes a lot of space.

Power efficiency

Instant water geysers are not as power-efficient as storage geysers. Instant heaters comparatively consume more power than storage geysers. This happens because in the instant geyser water regularly flows from the pipeline while heating and a large amount of heat are required to heat the cold water in a couple of seconds.

But this factor doesn’t affect your choice, because the difference in the power consumed is not too much.

Safe to use

Both geysers are safe to use, but instant geysers are safer due to some reason. First instant geysers come with the thermostat which turns off the power supply when the temperature goes beyond its upper limits. There is not any hazard, that can occur due to the blasting of the water chamber as in the storage geysers.

So, by comparing the safety parameters of both geysers, you can check that the instant water geyser is safer.


If you do have not too much budget for buying the geyser then the instant water geyser is best for you. It is much cheaper than the storage geysers. Instant geysers are pocket friendly along consume less energy while working.

Eco friendly

Both the instant and the storage geysers are totally eco friendly and do not affect the environment. They also do not produce any greenhouse gas, which can cause global warming. So, if you are a nature lover, then you do not have to worry about any damage to nature.

Table Fan vs. Tower Fan: A Complete Comparison

table fan

The fan is a vital airflow machine that cools down the summer heat. Both table fans and tower fans work effectively to beat the heat. A tower fan can be elevated, portable, and it provides variable airflow. Tower fans can fit in compact spots. Presently the tower fan available in the market is durable, lightweight, and long-lasting.

Table fan comes with long detachable stands that can be moved in any direction. Table fans can be kept in convenient areas such as in tables and chairs. This fan can be used in offices, schools, and houses. They are portable, durable, and economical.

table fan

Table fans and tower fans have both advantages and disadvantages. If you are willing to buy any of these fans, this article will be helpful to choose the best among both fans. Let’s see some of the factors that should be considered when purchasing a table fan and tower fan.

The airflow

  • The main advantage of a table fan is the head, which can be conveniently positioned. This permits air circulation at different angles. The head is adjustable in terms of position and also by the height. The table fan head can be pulled up to elevate the airflow.
  • The tower fan has oscillated blowers that give excellent airflow. The air inflow and outflow speed are high. Tower fan models are dual staged as well as multi-directional.

The purpose and application

  • Table fans are suitable for expansive areas. The air quality is superior and comes with superlative cooling abilities.
  • The tower fans are constructed in a non-obtrusive and sleek manner. They are very compact and provide excellent air circulation.
  • The table fan comes with weatherproof parts. Air produced by a table fan is cool, and the air dispersed is nonstop.
  • Tower fans have a special feature known as HEPA filtration. They filter any dust, allergen, and pollen in the air.
  • Table fans can provide air for any part of the room. The rotating head provides equal airflow in all the area.
  • Tower fans can provide air to only a particular area. There is no rotating feature available in tower fans.

Space and suitability

  • The shape of the table fan is monstrous and bulky due to which they don’t fit in small office areas or apartments. They take up a lot of room space; this can be difficult when there are space restrictions.
  • In the domestic environment, the tower fans are very suitable. In-office areas or apartments tower fans can easily fit as they are compact. They can be kept in close range for better cooling effects.

Style and design

  • Table fans can cool larger rooms, and they are cost-effective. However, table fans lack an upscale design and style. If you are not that much concerned about style and design, table fans can be suitable for cooling purposes.
  • Tower fans are popular for their stunning design that looks beautiful when kept in any area. The touch controls are LEDs that add more sleekness to the overall design.

Tower fan vs. table fan both have prominent differences in terms of feature, space, and purpose. This brings us to the conclusion that table fans are suitable for large and stuffy rooms. Tower fans are suitable for office space and apartments.